Site maintenance with monthly subscription

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Why should I opt for site maintenance with a monthly subscription?

Having a monthly subscription for site maintenance service means that you have a dedicated partner who will be able to identify any problem that may arise in your site’s operation.

As a partner, we will immediately allocate time, based on the maintenance contract, for all your requests in terms of analyzing processes, identifying irregularities, optimal operation, updating information (texts, photos, SEO).

The maintenance agreement facilitates the administration of the site (whether it’s a presentation or an online store), so you can be present with news for your customers.

A complete, unique, consistent, easy-to-access site will be primarily indexed by search engines, and as a result will be able to climb in their searches quickly.

Advantages of a site maintenance subscription:

– Rapid intervention time for necessary changes and possible problems
– Permanently updated site for front-office / back-office functionality
– Assistance and consultancy 24/7

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