CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Do you need a CRM?

Do you want to find a way to manage and improve your company activities? A CRM can help! Still don’t know what to choose?

The CRM solution we suggest is complex through its functions and can be personalized according to your company’s needs!

CRM is very easy to access and use, being a web-based solution, so anywhere and on any fixed or mobile device you can be in touch with everything you need to know!

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What contains a CRM?

CRM Demo contains:

– Users and user groups
– customer management;
– management of commercial proposals;
– contract management;
– management interventions;
– service management;
– management agenda activities;
– project management;
– opinion polls management

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CRM connections details

It is a web-based model, which means there is a server, and users connect through a browser.
Supports most browsers, and connectivity can be done on your desktop PC, laptop or tablet.

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CRM Pricing

It is necessary to provide us details about what you want your CRM to do and number of users who will use it.
The price is set considering the functions that the CRM and then the number of users must meet.
Being a web-based model (server + users connected through a browser), the number of users is especially important to choose the hosting. The more users you need, the more you need a larger hosting base.

You can send a request for a price offer through the Contact page or by e-mail to

Case study – CRM for medical representatives

We are very interested in the time unit. How long did we move from point A to point B, how long did a course last, how many days are there until an event happens, how many hours lasts a day's work, how many minutes takes a visit.
We try to do as many things in the same time unit. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it is impossible to measure time.

We assume in this study that there is a medical representative visiting a certain number of physicians daily and the evidence is kept on the agenda. If 30 minutes are needed for each visit, then within 6 hours, approximately 8 to 10 visits will be made, counting the way. After the notes are taken, these will be written in a file. Then they will be sent to the hierarchical superior. It will receive all the files from all its colleagues and centralize them. Then a report will be issued.
If we do a small recapitulation, we can see that there is a time required for the visit (time A), when the notes are written, then a time required for transcribing notes and transmitting the report (time B), then the hierarchical superior will receive and centralize all reports time C).

To reduce these times, a CRM for medical representatives can be used. The solution I present is as follows: On the tablet, the notes are entered during the visit in a form created specifically within the CRM (time A). Fields are filled in, and after the validation of the visit all data is automatically sent to the hierarchical superior. Then the hierarchical superior exported from the software the data (export formats .csv, .xls or .tsv) and the report results (new C time – which takes a few minutes depending on the export mode).
As you can see, time B will be eliminated and C time will decrease considerably.