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Prestashop Online Shop – is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions, benefiting from constant updates and modules available and useful in customization. Prestashop online stores have a complex structure and a wealth of functionalities.

The online store created on the Prestashop platform is fast, it allows managing a large number of products, is easily indexable by search engines, offers a wide range of features and does not require many server resources for its operation.

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WooCommerce is the world wide eCommerce solution used to create online stores. The online store created in WooCommerce gives you flexibility, complete control, access to many WordPress extensions which makes it highly sought after by those who want to be online.

The WooCommerce online store features a robust, complex architecture that can be tailored to any requirements. A great advantage for the WooCommerce online store is that it can be permanently adjusted due to regular updates and frequent updates that developers present.

The online store created on the WooCommerce platform gives you elegance, easy indexability, professionalism, and you also benefit from a wide variety of advanced features.

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The WordPress Platform is one of the most popular platforms for websites on the Internet. A WordPress-based company presentation site benefits from excellent support, a wide range of extensions, fast search engine indexing, minimal administration costs, a multitude of specially designed templates and advanced functionality.

A WordPress site is useful and necessary to attract new customers, to promote the company image, to promote services or products marketed, to have permanent presence on the specific market, to open up to the public through links to social media networks.

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The site maintenance for online store or a presentation site – no matter the platform on which the site is built – can be contracted separately from other services.
The maintenance package contains:

– quick intervention
– providing the functionality of site modules
– periodically site back-up
– changes to the content of the site
– regular updates
– assistance and consultancy

Since 2012 we've started developing websites and online stores on Prestashop and WordPress / WooCommerce platforms. Request an offer!

How useful is a website?
The company's presentation site is one of the most common ways to be active on the Internet.
As for the online store, you can run your current business, and the online store automatically receives orders from customers.
How much is a website?
The presentation site or the online store is on the Internet 24 hours a day, so you are present non-stop in the online environment.
Website development is done according to its usefulness, what benefits you want, structure, design and so on.
We do not have a minimum or maximum price.
Our services
- presentation site
- site editing
- online shop
- data base transfer
- search engine optimization


Presentation Website

This type of site is targeted at any type of business. We offer 4 types: BASIC, PRO, BUSSINESS and CUSTOM.

Online Store (eCommerce Site)

Start selling your goods through an eCommerce site. We offer 4 types: BASIC, PRO, BUSSINESS and CUSTOM.

Search engine optimization - SEO

The goal of optimizing a site is to position it in the first pages of the Search Engines and increase specific traffic.


Transfer data of an existing site on another domain.


We offer multiple types of site maintenance and flexible. Monthly subscription or per intervention with fast response time.


The CRM solution we propose is complex through its functions and can be personalized according to your company's needs!